Welcome to Tech Savvy PR

Welcome to my blog, Tech Savvy PR. My name is Ruby Betten, and I am a senior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communication. I’m majoring in public relations and minoring in business administration. This is my first official blog, and I am excited to begin increasing my online presence.

My blog will focus on technology through a public relations lens. I chose this theme because of how much technology is engrained in our lives. We are constantly surrounded by and engaged with our technologies. Behind almost every technology company is a team of PR professionals attempting to make sure that company’s message is shared positively. I’m particularly interested in the ways technology companies build relationships with their publics.

I hope to explore these questions with my blog:

  • How do technology companies handle crisis? I will explore this question by analyzing case studies of crisis communications in the technology industry.
  • How do technology companies use social media?
  • How has the public relations industry kept up with the fast paced technology industry?

I look forward to sharing my findings and responses to these questions and gaining a better understanding of technology public relations.


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