Why Apple Doesn’t Use Twitter

Photo by Gonzala Baeza (www.flickr.com/photos/gonzalobaeza/)

Apple has ingrained its brand and products into the lives of just about everyone I know. The company masters the media with a PR strategy that seems effortless (although I’m sure that’s not true). Until yesterday, I would have bet almost anything that Apple used Twitter. It seemed fitting that a tech company with social media implanted into every crevice of their products would use social media for their own business.This is not the case. Yesterday, I ran across an AdWeek.com article written by Christopher Heine, “Apple Pays Twitter Some $200,000 for an iPad Ad But Barely Uses Free Social Media.” To be honest, I was shocked. Heine explains that Apple bought Twitter’s Promoted Trend to push its iPad Air 2 launch.

Apple doesn’t have Twitter accounts for Apple, iPad, or iPhone but does use an account for iTunes (@iTunesMusic). Why is this? From a consumer perspective I understand Apple’s PR strategy: be mysterious and incredibly strategic. Social media like Twitter are platforms that provide constant contact and Apple’s PR strategy isn’t about constantly sharing what they’re up to.

Nowadays almost everyone uses at least some form of social media. There seems to be a growing assumption that businesses need social media. But is it always necessary? Of course, not every business has the same scope and power as Apple.


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