How Social Media is Changing PR

It seems that social media is creeping it’s way into every aspect of our lives. According to the Pew Center for Research, 73 percent of adults use social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become central sources for news and information.

While technology’s rapid changing landscape is sometimes criticized, it has also created many valuable opportunities for PR practitioners. New technology tools are available, which allow for measurement of trends and behavior of target audiences. These tools can be used for preliminary research or to obtain feedback from target audiences about a particular campaign. Social media allows for new forms of creativity. Traditional print or visual content can now be taken in countless different directions. Social media is also being used by companies to provide customer service and manage crisis.

This infographic by inkhouse is a great comparison of PR then and now (2013). It shows how advancements in technology and the use of social media are impacting the industry, but serves as a reminder that the core values of PR haven’t changed.


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